Cloud-Rider Designs came to Melet for assistance in designing an all-new Mud Flap that could outperform all other products currently in the market. In addition to its performance and strength requirements, the mud flap also needed to incorporate an overmolded stainless steel decorative plate and accommodate fitment onto a wide range of vehicles.

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Melet's engineering team identified that a ribbed design for the mud flap would give it the necessary stiffness without the need for a more costly internal metal plate used by other compression molded


Cloud-Rider Designs Ltd.


Advantage Mud Flap



About the Project

mud flaps on the market. We then performed extensive testing of various materials to identify the best resin for the application. To accommodate mounting on various vehicles, we helped design a universal mudflap (injection molded) with overmolded stainless steel inserts which could then be shaped by a CNC router to produce the correct mounting setup for each specific vehicle application. The resulting product delivers superior performance to other leading products on the market at a competitive price point.


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