The right solution starts with

quality material.

Material Selection

Physical design is only half the challenge when creating a superior part. Equally important is determining the best polymers or composite materials to be used to make your part based on its intended application. What temperature ranges and environments will the part function in? What type of forces or stresses will it be exposed to? Does it need to withstand sudden shocks or impacts? Is surface appearance important and will it need to be painted? These are just some of the considerations that go into selecting the right materials and additives to be used for any part. At Melet our decades of experience working with all plastic families and composite materials, as well as use of advanced tools within the IDES Prospector materials database, ensures that we will use the best materials to meet your needs.

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Melet has experience with all plastic families including HDPE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PC, Acetal, PBT, Nylon, and TP


We can fine tune your material formulation with additives such as glass or mineral fillers, UV protectant, release agents, blowing agents and even custom colors.


Melet also has experience with a variety of composite materials that are produced at our Fargo, North Dakota plant including natural fibre substrates, carpet cover materials, vinyl cover materials, PET cover material as well as open and closed cell foams.


Melet relies on the Prospector Materials Database, the industry-standard for material selection. This important resource contains more than 85,000 technical datasheets and UL yellow cards from almost 900 manufacturers.


We have special expertise in process advanced engineering resins such as Noryl, Hytrel, Ultem, Xyron, PEEK, TPU, and UHMWPE.