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Overmolded gasket part with mold

Our customer required an injection molded hard body “eggcrate" component with integrated overmolded gaskets using a softer material on both sides of the part. Because the eggcrate was to be used in an industrial application, the gaskets needed to ensure a complete seal of the display enclosure from the environment.

Overmolded Gaskets

Our Challenge

Our Solution

Melet's engineering team chose an innovative dual mold manufacturing process to meet the low production volume requirements for this part. The first mold produced the rigid eggcrate part using PC/ABS resin, which was then placed

Overmolded gasket part example


Electronics Manufacturer


Display Eggcrate



About the Project

directly into a second mold where the gasket features were overmolded using a TPE resin. The resulting part featured a robust gasket feature without the need or cost of any secondary processes such as gluing, welding, or manual assembly.


Overmolded Gaskets

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