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Mold in injection molding machine

Melet Plastics is home to state of the art injection molding capabilities using a variety of machinery ranging in size from 40 to 500 tons. Through this machinery we can produce part sizes that range from a few grams up to a kilogram. Specializing in short run molding, our efficient mold changeover allows us to regularly achieve eight hour production runs. Of course, we love longer production jobs too. Many of our products run millions of parts each year.

Employing scientific molding strategies including a closed loop process control via in-mold pressure sensors, Melet's molding environment is controlled using geothermal cooling technology ensuring that the product is perfect each and every time.

Injection Molding

More Solutions:

Injection molding machine
Mold trial in progress

Once our advanced material handling equipment ensures the correct material arrives at the correct molding press, automation then helps the process along. Throughout the factory, automation allows us to minimize labour, increase efficiency and control quality. A large number of our molding machines are home to Wittman transaxial robots which can be used for part removal, degating, assembly, packaging and other tasks. Along with automation, Melet employs lean manufacturing principles to reduce our waste, minimize the overall cost and maximize value for our customers.

We also offer overmolding for projects that require soft-touch or gasket features. Insert molding for threaded inserts, compression limiters and other components are available for projects that require a mixture of plastic and metal.

If you require part qualification and inspections, they can be performed internally using our Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

  • Additional value-added secondary operation capabilities include:

    • Ultrasonic Welding

    • Pad Printing

    • Hot Stamping

    • Assembly

    • CNC machining

    • Screen printing, painting, and electroplating available via Melet's strategic partners

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