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Moldflow engineer

To perfect a design, we test. And test. And test again.

Moldflow Analysis

And that testing starts with moldflow simulation software which allows us to accurately predict the flow of molten plastic into the tool and identify potential issues that can lead to manufacturing defects. This information not only reduces the need for costly mold modifications, it helps us further optimize both part and tool designs prior to mold build – and that saves you money.

More Services:

Moldflow analysis computer

Autodesk Moldflow Simulation Software

Moldflow filling example 1
Moldflow filling example 2

Heating and cooling simulation

This is used to determine temperature distribution and variation in the mold during plastic injection, which allows us to improve the layout of cooling channels and heating elements to create parts with optimal product quality and a minimal cycle time.

Fiber orientation simulation

When using fiber reinforced plastics, we will also test for fiber orientation as well as potential long fiber breakage. This allows us to accurately predict the material properties and mechanical performance of the final product.

Shrinkage and warpage simulation

We also evaluate all injection mold designs to predict shrinkage and warpage of the end product based on the intended material grade and processing parameters.

Mold optimization

We determine the optimal size and location of the sprue, runner, gates, and vents.

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