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A fresh perspective goes a long way

Engineering Consultation

Often, Melet is of most value to its clients when our engineers are asked to take a “deeper look" at their products or manufacturing operations. Here, Melet's expertise working with advanced materials and manufacturing techniques allows us to identify opportunities for cost savings or improved product performance that might not be immediately apparent to the client. Better still, once we have achieved a more intimate understanding of a client's needs and objectives, we can continue to provide meaningful consultation going forward. In fact, many of our clients use Melet as an extension of their internal engineering resources, calling on us as required to help find solutions to emergent issues or even participate in the design of a new product altogether.

More Services:

Melet's engineering consultation services include:

Plant Audits

We can do a top-down review of your product manufacturing processes and OEM parts supply, looking for opportunities for improved logistics and manufacturing efficiencies.

Product Audits

Ideal for any product, but especially those facing premature wear, breakage or cost-competitiveness issues, a thorough product audit can reveal new opportunities for improve performance and reduced cost.

Metal to Plastic Conversions

Thanks to state-of-the-art polymers and manufacturing techniques, it is increasingly possible to replace traditionally metal parts with something made of plastic, for significant cost savings. Melet can work with your engineers to determine if such opportunities exist for your product.

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